King’s is the one to call! 

Professional service from first phone call to delivery - until the final haul!


King’s is the one to call! 

Professional service from first phone call to delivery - until the final haul!

KINGS Services


KINGS Roll-off Services, LLC, Dumpster, Clean Out, Contractors, Projects, Auction, LEED, Waste

Roll-Off Containers for Residential, Capital Contract Projects, Contractors


Syracuse, Oswego, Cayuga, Site Management, Construction, Portable bathroom Trailer, trades Storage

Site Resources, Dumpsters, Portable Trailers - Temp & Long Term


KEWS environmental waste, paper, pallet, Manufacturer, Zero Waste, LEED, Recycling, plastic, compost

Environmental Waste Solutions for Manufacturers, New Corporations, Large and Small Business Groups

About Us

Kings Roll-Off Services, LLC

John King began with a simple mission to help neighbors with waste removal needs in 1958. Ten years later, his son, GL took over - creating Kings Rubbish Removal. In 2004, Guy an USAF Retiree, purchased King's Rubbish Removal. GL maintaining a vital role. In 2008, Kings Roll-Off Services was created to fulfill community needs. Today King's Roll-Off business and its wide range of container sizes is the primary focus for our waste hauling company!  

Kings Regional Corp

This is an extension of services. Established to assist our contractors to provide products for construction sites without having to 'close deals with multiple providers'. Equipment site storage, temporary office trailers, and portable bathrooms units can be coordinated by making just one phone call!  This is your one stop shop for local and out of town contractors!

KEWS Incorporated

KEWS - Kings Environmental Waste Solutions. 

Let our experts provide you with the best solution for handling your waste streams within your small business, manufacturing site, and large factories.  We will provide an audit of your current processes and advise on coordinating your waste streams with service providers most suitable for your needs and recycling goals. We aim to assist you in gaining momentum toward your zero waste program!

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