Roll-Off Containers Explained

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What is a Roll-Off Container

A Roll-Off Container (often called a dumpster or box) is an open metal container used by contractors, home owners and small businesses - to haul material to a set location, weighed (by ton) and emptied out by dumping. 

Do I Need a Dumpster? YES!

If you are looking for a dumpster then YES you need one!  If it does not fit in the back of your car or pickup truck or if you do not have time to haul and dump material.  Call KINGS! That is what we do for you!

What can I put in the Roll-Off?

If it fits it 'sits' is mostly true!  

Keep in mind some recyclable material must be seperated. If it is allowed in your local landfill or transfer station it is most likely acceptable. Local county, state, and federal guidelines, and regulations are applicable. 

MSW, C&D, Landscaping Brush, Furniture and most 'junk' is acceptable. 

Uncertain?  No Problem - Call KINGS!

What about: metal shelves?

Metal is always accepted but must be separated. For example: large metal shelving and old metal tool bins, along with metal skirting can be placed together in a single dumpster. We cannot haul metal shelves mixed with your great uncles jars of spoiled canned goods or what your tenants left in the refrigerator two months ago!

What about: electronics? appliances? old paint cans?

Electronics can be hauled.  Call for full details. Appliances can be hauled each customer has slightly different needs. Call Kings and we will provide options. Paint cans can be hauled provided they are empty or dried out completely. Contact Kings regarding provisions.

How long can I have a dumpster?

Got Junk? You can have your dumpster for a long time or a short time. Our dumpsters are a beautiful blue and they say KINGS - so we understand the attraction. Your neighbors will be jealous!  5 - 7 days is the average rental. But we will extend.  Call Kings for premium and non-premium rental rates.